Thursday, February 11, 2010

What color works for sponge painting over teal (Valspar Rushing Stream)?

I am painting my children's bathroom teal, and I would like to sponge paint over the base to hide some wall imperfections. I have no idea what color to use for the sponging. The rest of the motif for the room is tropical fish in yellow, orange, and red on a royal blue shower curtain. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!What color works for sponge painting over teal (Valspar Rushing Stream)?
For best results you should get a glaze to tint for the sponging. Light color base has lots of white filler; dark color base has less filler so that it takes less tint to color it. A glaze is acryllic resin with no opaque filler, so whatever color you add is more transparent. This adds depth to the overlaying of color. I suggest you use some royal blue, and some green over the teal to suggest the deep blue sea. Make one color darker and the other lighter than the wall color. Make a sample board or two to test color and technique before doing the wall. This is the only way you will know what to expect. Below is a how-to site, and a site showing a finished job with two colors over a base coat.What color works for sponge painting over teal (Valspar Rushing Stream)?
aqua or turquoise, a slightly more blue shade than the teal.
I have sponged a few times and I find that the best look is a subtle one. Choose a paint from the same strip as the original teal, one or two shades darker or lighter. Once I sponged a mauve color over cream and it looked horrible. Another time I sponged a light buttery color over gold and it looked beautiful and tasteful. From a distance it looked like wallpaper. If you use two very different color it winds up looking too busy.

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